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to build a stronger, healthier, and kinder community by combining the spiritual awareness of yoga with the character building discipline and positive energy of traditional workouts.

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Saturday, June 22 after the 9am and 10:15am classes.


Massage & Bodywork

Christopher Ray has been an enthusiastic bodyworker for the past 22 years, focusing on Traditional Therapeutic Thai Massage since 2000. He has studied with many teachers in Thailand and has developed a unique style of bodywork which is deeply transformative and life-changing. He uses the power of the breath, long compressions, deep awareness and patience to coax the body to open and heal itself. Christopher began teaching twelve years ago, sharing his detailed sense of body and energy mechanics, as well as his clear, heart-based approach to life. He is passionate about assisting people in opening up their bodies, remembering their true potential, and making life more effortless. Christopher is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider, is registered by Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI) as a Thai Therapist and Instructor, and is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Michigan.

Christopher's sessions are 3 to 4-hours in length, and take place fully-clothed, on a mat on the floor. This is not a “fluff & buff, relax & fall asleep” kind of massage. This is deep bodywork, and Chris will coach your breathing throughout the session. Every session is different and is uniquely catered to the client’s physical and emotional state of being. He works with all ages and body capabilities (or lack there-of!). This work is especially designed to clear chronic issues. ‘Frozen’ joints, chronic pain, and persistent limitations are often resolved in one or two sessions. If you are hesitant about the length of time, do know that most people are amazed at how quickly the time passes. Christopher’s work allows you to discover your body and mind and its connections in a way you perhaps never realized was possible.
June 22 & 23: 9am 1pm 5pm | June 24 & 25: 9am 1pm | June 26: 9,1,5 | June 27: 9,1 | June 28,29,: 9,1,5 | June 30: 9,1

$450/ 3-hour session



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Adult $25
Student $15


5 Classes $99
10 Classes $179
20 Classes $289


1 Year $1499


Infrared heat

Get your sweat on in our state of the art infrared heated studio bathed in natural light. Infrared heats your body directly rather than warming the air around you like traditional heated yoga studios.


amazing music

Our classes are infused with music, from modern pop and hip hop to the best of the best throwbacks. All designed to energize your practice and bring joy to your day.


powerful workout

Bring the most powerful workout to your flow. We combining a flow style yoga practice with the power of a modern workout. You will leave feeling strong and full of energy.