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Yoga 101: Breaking Down Alignment

Saturday, May 19 @ 2-3:30 p.m

Yoga 101: Breaking Down Alignment with Jennifer
Saturday, May 19 @ 2-3:30

We will break down step by step: yoga poses (asanas) taken from our NOW classes & beyond (from Down Dog to Balancing Poses) from their foundation to more advanced variations, for those who are ready. I'll be giving hands on adjustments and work with you to get comfortable in your practice and/or take an advanced variation.

We will use props and wall space for deeper work and alignment. This workshop is for EVERY level, perfect if you are brand new to yoga and want to understand the fundamentals of alignment or if you are a seasoned yogi ready to go to the next level or want a “refresher course” in order to deepen your practice.


30 days of yoga
for $30

30 Days of yoga for $30!
(New Students Only)

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